Fall Protection Safety Training

For Construction

The Online Fall Protection Safety Training For Construction Course is led by a real subject matter expert that you can interact with. This course includes:

  • Videos
  • References
  • OSHA Guides
  • Handouts

Regulations Covered: 29 CFR 1916 Subpart M - Fall Protection.

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Online Fall Protection Training

Online Training

  • OSHA Compliant Fall Protection Training

  • Training Led By An Expert You Can Interact With

  • Hands On Evaluation Checklist

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Meet Your Instructor - Jeremy Norton

    • How to use this course

    • Technical Difficulites

  • 2


    • Jeremy Introduces This Course

    • Fall Protection Introduction

    • News Report: Steel Worker Falls To Death On A Construction Site

    • Fall Protection Introduction Review

  • 3

    Types of Fall Protection Systems

    • Jeremy: Introduction To Fall Protection Systems

    • Fall Protection Systems

    • Floor Openings

    • Fall Protection Systems Review

  • 4

    Fall Protection Selection

    • The Fall Protection Hierarchy

    • Fall Protection Hierarchy Review

    • Fall Protection Equipment Selection

    • Falls in Construction - Fixed Scaffolds

    • Fall Protection Selection Review

  • 5

    Equipment Inspection

    • Fall Protection Equipment Inspection

    • Falls in Construction - Reroofing

    • Equipment Inspection Review

  • 6

    Fall Protection Use

    • Jeremy Introduces Safe Use of Fall Protection

    • Donning A Fall Protection Harness

    • Selecting Anchor Points

    • Thinking About Fall Protection

    • Bad Connections in Fall Protection

    • Walkthrough: Fall Protection Harness Manual

    • Reading Assignment: Fall Protection Harness Manual

    • Preventing Falling Object Hazards

    • Using Fall Protection Review

  • 7

    Cleaning, Maintenance & Storage

    • Cleaning, Maintenance, & Storage

    • Accident Investigation : Worker Falls Down Vent Shaft

    • Cleaning, Maintenance, & Storage Review

  • 8


    • Jeremy Discusses The Summary

    • Summary

  • 9

    Fall Protection Exam

    • Fall Protection Exam

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congratulations!

    • Presentation: Hands On Fall Protection Certification

    • Download: Fall Protection Hands On Certification


Safety Specialist

Jeremy Norton

Jeremy Norton has been practicing safety management for over 20 years. He got his start in the US Navy as a Naval Nuclear Engineer on the USS Carl Vinson. After tours in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, he got out and worked as a safety & training manager in the semiconductor manufacturer industry. He then moved on to the training & safety manager for an international wind power utility. Jeremy is an OSHA 10/30 Certified Trainer, has a Construction Safety Specialist Certificate from the University of Washington / OSHA District X, an MBA in Finance, and Bachelors of Science in Business, and an Associates in Applied Science. He is currently the President of XO Safety & Affordable Safety Training LLC.

Other Training Options

Train & Certify Employees In House

The Fall Protection Training DVD Compliance Kit can be used to train and certify employees at your facility on the fall protection hazards and the safe use of fall protection equipment.
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